Bay Tek Entertainment Unveils Connect 4 Hoops HD

arcadehero March 19, 2019 0

Last year, one big announcement came along from Bay Tek that turned some heads, as they created an Augmented Reality basketball arcade game by the name of Connect 4 Hoops. First shown at the International Bowl Expo, this huge game was the most played game of the event that I came across:

An impressive piece that was made for FEC’s, the size is an attraction to players, but for locations that don’t have quite the space or the budget, they had been hoping for a similar, but smaller solution.

That solution was unveiled today under the name of Connect 4 Hoops HD.

Connect 4 Hoops HD by Bay Tek Entertainment

As you can see in the trailer below, this plays just like the bigger version above, but has some important changes that reduce both size and cost. The primary change is swapping out the projector with an HD screen that is mounted to the same place as where the projection was. There is a protective shield in front of that to prevent a stray basketball from cracking said screen. Bay Tek also changed the sides of the cabinet and the marquee. Better than talking about it, let’s show it to you:

My assumption is that this will be at Amusement Expo 2019 in Las Vegas next week; the game is already listed on Bay Tek’s website, which also indicates that it is in production and can be purchased from your preferred distributor.

With this, I am pretty sure we’ll start seeing the game show up at more locations. What do you think about Connect 4 Hoops HD? Discuss it on our forums!

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