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Raw Thrills releases H2Overdrive to arcades

Shaggy July 2, 2009 0

Hydro Thunder fans, the day you have been waiting for has finally arrived as Raw Thrills’/Specular Interactive’s new take on Hydro Thunder, H2Overdrive is arriving at distributors around the country and then they are

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Arcade Heroes Week-in-review podcast #3 (w/ Kevin Williams)

Shaggy June 29, 2009 0

In this weeks podcast, I was able to figure out how to get a guest recorded and with that I had Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report on the program. We discuss a variety

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Terminator: Salvation Arcade seen on location test

Shaggy June 20, 2009 22

[Thanks to Malovane for sending us these shots] As arcade location tests are rarely announced in the US, at times savvy gamers who frequent game websites visit their local arcade and just so happen

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Sega Japan to begin big push for card-based coin-op games

Shaggy June 19, 2009 0

While I have never played a card-based coin-op game, I do find the idea fascinating as it capitalizes on something which continues to have a strong following among kids who enjoy both video games

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One place arcades are also still popular: beach towns

Shaggy June 18, 2009 3

I found an interesting little article today that we can add to the batch of evidence we like to point to that arcades are not dead and in many places they even thrive. One

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Pics from the UK Park Avenue Open Day event

Shaggy June 13, 2009 0

Kevin Williams at the Stiger Report has sent us some pics he took from the UK Park Avenue Open Day distributor event and with it we get to take a look at a couple

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DJ Max Technika now shipping in the US

Shaggy June 6, 2009 3

One new addition to the realm of arcade manufacturers would be Pentavision and their first release to the US is here with DJ Max Technika. We had heard that it was supposed to come

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My interview with Steve Ranck of Specular Interactive on H2Overdrive and more

Shaggy June 4, 2009 3

A few months back Arcade Heroes was privileged to reveal H2Overdrive to the world and now I have done an interview with the man whose company is behind the game’s development, Steve Ranck of

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Namco's Tank!Tank!Tank! looks like a blast (updated)

Shaggy June 4, 2009 1

A short time ago Namco revealed a new tank combat game that they had developed for arcades called Tank! Tank! Tank! and now we have a look at how it plays. Unfortunately the video

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More details on Metal Gear Arcade (w/screens)

Shaggy June 4, 2009 2

I guess arcades can get some love at E3, at least where Konami is concerned. Since Hideo Kojima made the announcement during Konami’s E3 presser and already there is a lot of information on

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Discuss: Augmented Reality in Arcades

Shaggy June 3, 2009 0

As a follow up to some discussion from a previous post about motion controlling in video games and how that might affect arcade gaming, let me throw something else out there to consider for

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Justice League: Heroes United now available

Shaggy February 20, 2009 1

According to my local distributor, GlobalVR’s Justice League arcade title should now be available at a variety of distributors across the country and that means that it won’t be long before it will start

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