What We Are Playing This Week

Twisted Supreme July 15, 2007 0



-Forza 2
-Pac-Man C.E.
-Puzzle League DS

-Silent Hill: The Arcade


-Towers 2 (Atari Jaguar)
-Blazing Star (Arcade)
-CastleVania IV (SNES)


DS: Mario & Luigi Partners in Time – Fiendish
360: VT 3 – WoooHooooooo!!!!!
PS3: Nothing, its rubbish and has no good games (Apart from VF5)
GBA: Bit Generations Series, especially Boundish (A sort of Super Pong!!!)
Wii: Toejam & Earl on Virtual Console (2 player is great fun)
Arcade: Outrun 2 Special Attraction – If I manage to get up to the Trocadero and they have finished assembling it! & anything else good up there

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