Dynamite Deka EX and KOFMIA are out, Dynamite Deka website update

Shaggy July 31, 2007 1


I’m glad I caught this at Arcade Renaissance as I nearly forgot about Dynamite Deka EX. In case you did, this is a new 3D scrolling beat ’em up that is a sequel to the original Dynamite Deka (also know as Dynamite Cop). The new features that Dynamite Deka EX has however is the ability to change costumes and the addition of some mid-level mini-games. It’s nothing revolutionary but it’s a beat em’ up and I love these games. While many people (including myself) were disappointed that Sega decided not to bring this game to some more powerful hardware such as Lindbergh, the fact that it’s available for the NAOMI platform should mean two things: it’s relatively cheap and can be easily installed in a number of locations. It certainly doesn’t appear that it will see a wide release outside of Japan, but thanks to Coinopexpress you can pick it up for only $1182.72 (what a nice rounded number).

Also the Dynamite Deka EX website has been updated with new art and a totally different layout. Most everything is in Japanese but you should be able to navigate the site without much of a problem and check out a number of small screenshots for the game.

KOFMIA was also supposed to be available today but Coinopexpress lists the price as TBA, but they did take it off the ‘Coming Soon’ list. The lack of a price is strange since at one time they had listed it as carrying a price tag of $2771. Perhaps they is a slight delay with the game.
[Arcade Renaissance] [Coinopexpress] [Dynamite Deka EX official site] [Discuss on the Forum]

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  1. Unknown August 5, 2007 at 1:47 am - Reply

    Oh come on, you got to admire their ability to bring flying noodle physics to a whole new level.

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