Yoony’s Vulcan 4D blasts it’s way to arcades

Shaggy August 20, 2010 0

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Korean-based game maker Yoony Electronic’s amazed us with their massive Vulcan-M chain-gun coin-op game and they already have a sequel of sorts ready to go for the arcade market. Vulcan 4D retains the head-turning aspect of a rotating chain-gun for the controller but they’ve downgraded it from it’s smoke-spewing, shell ejecting big brother. Vulcan 4D makes use of a 3D pop-out effect that the player needs 3D glasses for, although you can’t see the 3D blur in the video below. I noticed the same thing when seeing pictures of another 3D projection game called Star Predator.

Other differences from Vulcan-M include a smaller cabinet and new software. Instead of a WW2-esque fixed turret shooter, now you traverse through caves and jungles shooting down hoards of bugs, bats, spiders, dinosaurs and pterosaurs. The game is no Primeval Hunt though as they all just come straight at you, if they get to close and attack then you can take damage. Graphically it’s nothing to write home about,  letting the chaingun and the 3D effect make up for appearances. Like Yoony’s other offerings, Vulcan 4D should be widely available internationally but the price point is unknown at this point.

Yoony also has a shooting gallery game called Carnival Land: Shooting Game but the software needs a bit of work. There is nothing wrong with simple games but they should require an actual challenge to be compelling.

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