Incredible Technologies Releases PowerPutt LIVE

arcadehero April 26, 2012 0
Incredible Technologies Releases PowerPutt LIVE

This might be a week or two late as I didn’t see a release announcement come along but the newest title from Incredible Technologies has hit the market so venues can start offering the latest in virtual mini-golfing. There aren’t many titles out there in that genre which come to mind, especially in arcades and it takes up a lot less space then an actual mini-golf course so there is that too. As we have mentioned in the past, PowerPutt LIVE is a sequel to IT’s PowerPutt which adds their standard online features along with more game content such as three new courses (to total six), customizable golfers, improved graphics and more. The online features allow for stats tracking as well daily tournaments that players can compete in for cash.  As usual, these features are only available for commercial entities so anyone looking for a PPL at home will have to go with the older, offline version.

I’ve added this to “Already Released” on our Arcade Releases for 2012 page

[PowerPutt LIVE Product Page]

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