EAG 2017 Part 2: Splash; Daytona USA; Big Galaga; Pinball; + More

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EAG 2017 Part 2: Splash; Daytona USA; Big Galaga; Pinball; + More

The EAG International Expo 2017 event has come to a close and with that, we have some more media to check out of the arcade games at the show. Many thanks to those that sent information and media our way.

Splash by InJoy Motion, Specular Interactive and Raw Thrills

This one was a real surprise, even though as far back as two years ago I was told by InJoy that they had a new jetski game of some kind in development. When InJoy appeared at IAAPA 2016, there was no indication or mention of this game as they were focusing on their Futuretown VR project instead. As such, I forgot about it as nothing had been said further – lo and behold it shows up at EAG 2017 with both a Raw Thrills logo and a Specular Interactive logo on the marquee to boot. Specular you might recall created H20Verdrive, Dirty Drivin’ and Batman but they have been fairly quiet since developing a project for Simuline back in 2014.

Splash Arcade by InJoy Motion, Raw Thrills and Specular Interactive

I reached out to InJoy, Raw Thrills and Specular Interactive about it but as of this writing have not received a response. So all we have to go off of at the moment is this photo above. Thanks to Walter from PrimeTime Amusements for this photo.

The seat does not appear to move but it likely has feedback under the seat (not unlike Arctic Thunder). I do know that InJoy will have focused on the hardware platform while Specular would be handling the software for the most part. This is still a prototype as those lit up buttons on the handlebars is from Raw Thrills’ Snocross Winter X Games. How much of a prototype and what engine they are using to power this however remains to be seen. It has been quite a while since we had a jet-skiing game in arcades so this could certainly fill a niche.

We will share more information about this game as soon as we can get it!

Daytona Championship USA

Graham Cookson of SegaNerds.com had a chance to play the latest build of Daytona Championship USA and has shared his detailed impressions. This did include more tracks including Dinosaur Canyon. Read his impressions here.

Thanks to some sent in videos, we have another new look at Daytona Championship USA – first part of the video is from AH partner The Stinger Report while the second part is from new AH advertiser PrimeTime Amusements.

Also, check out this great, high-quality video taken by Arcade Belgium:

The Walking Dead, Cruis’n Blast, Space Invaders Frenzy & Choppy Wood

We saw The Walking Dead and Cruis’n Blast at IAAPA 2016 and later today I will have my hands on a pair of Cruis’n Blast machines so that means an “unboxing” video is incoming. In the meantime, here are a couple of photos plus a better photo of their new videmption game Choppy Wood (pics via PrimeTime Amusements):

The Walking Dead EAG 2017

Cruis'n Blast EAG 2017

Space Invaders Frenzy EAG 2017

Choppy Wood EAG 2017

World’s Largest Galaga

I thought I might have made a mistake when I had retweeted something indicating that Galaga was back on World’s Largest Pac-Man (due to the date of the tweet) but this image and the Space Invaders image above confirms that Galaga has indeed returned to WLP. When this update will be rolled out is anyone’s guess but Bandai Namco did recently send out an email with a link to download V1.38 for Galaga Assault. I downloaded that to the USB stick that came with the game and it worked just fine so I imagine the same could be done here.

Galaga at EAG 2017

Pinball, Pinball, Pinball

I posted a short video that was sent to me of Heighway Pinball’s upcoming Alien Pinball machine. In case you missed that, you can see it here:

Here’s a photo – part of the reported technical issue might have been with the monitor image as you can notice the image in the backbox wasn’t full screen:

Full Throttle Pinball - EAG Expo 2017

Stern also had a much better showing at EAG than they had at IAAPA. That included Ghostbusters but also Batman 66 and Aerosmith.

Batman 66 and Ghostbusters Pinall EAG 2017

Aerosmith Pinball EAG 2017

That’s it from EAG 2017 for now. Again, thanks to those that sent in media to share since I was not able to attend. Stay tuned for any more news as we get it!


  1. Mazinger January 20, 2017 at 7:59 pm - Reply

    Dammit, it’s really looking like Daytona is just going to have the 3 old track layouts repeated twice. My excitement for this game has pretty much completely disappeared. They’re boasting about “new tracks” when there aren’t any. Unless this is all just prototype stuff, but I’m really doubting it. It seems like there’s no reason to play this over the original game, I’m really irritated.

  2. Nadav Salomon January 21, 2017 at 12:56 pm - Reply


    • Nadav Salomon January 21, 2017 at 12:58 pm - Reply

      Sorry, but that was my reaction to the “new” Daytona… I was VERY disappointed.

  3. asdf February 1, 2017 at 5:08 am - Reply

    Regarding Daytona Championship, does anyone know if its an outsourced game like sega rally 3? Any info on the hw specs yet? Thx.

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