Monday News: Arcade Heroes Podcast #14; Splash Footage; Cruis’n Blast

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Monday News: Arcade Heroes Podcast #14; Splash Footage; Cruis’n Blast

Happy Monday everyone – at least I hope it is for you. We have some arcade news to check out so let’s get to it:

Arcade Heroes Podcast #14

A new podcast you say? It is strange, but true. We’re rusty here since April was the last time that we did this; as such, there is rambling about the latest developments in the arcade business. The focus for the moment is on the newest games as seen at IAAPA and some from EAG.

Splash! Footage Via Arcade Belgium

This new game by Specular Interactive/Raw Thrills/InJoy Motion was mentioned on the blog the other day and thanks to Arcade Belgium, here is a track from that game. I venture to guess that this is using an enhanced H20verdrive engine judging by the wave physics, the wiper blade, the fonts and UI. The character selection and attack feature remind me more of SnoCross Arcade but the graphics on this are much improved over that title. I haven’t been able to get much more information on this one yet so we have no idea on how far along this is in development. It does look fairly complete from this video and you can see it does use a full motion platform…stay tuned.

Cruis’n Blast In My Possession

As I mentioned in certain social media places (and I think on here…I’ve got a head cold right now so not remembering everything clearly), a pair of Cruis’n Blast Arcade machines arrived in my possession on Friday evening. It’s the latest I’ve ever had a game delivery before so that was interesting. I had intended to record the “unboxing” of the units however the shipper essentially unboxed them outside where it was cold with a prelude to some snow – top that off with myself scrambling to move my Fast and Furious Supercars units out and moving other games around to make space meant that an unboxing wasn’t in the cards.

To be honest though, it wouldn’t have been that fun to watch as the games arrive almost fully assembled with the seat and canopy attached. All you have to do is remove some plastic wrap and attach the marquees. I will be making another video or two about this soon but for the moment, here are some pictures of my kids getting the first play on the game (they really like Super Cars so naturally found this to be fun):

Cruis'n Blast

Cruis'n Blast

Funny thing is that for all of the Nintendo logos on the cabinet itself, I have not seen the Nintendo logo on the attract mode at all. It’d be cool if they had a homage to the Ultra64 Nintendo opening from the original games…

Nintendo logo Cruis'n

BTW – Today is January 23rd which means that The Walking Dead Arcade is officially shipping out to arcades around the globe.

UPDATE: Right after I posted this, I go to Twitter to share the post and see this tweet at the top of my timeline. I assume this means that pre-purchased Maximum Tune 5 units are shipping now as we have the flyer. Not sure how many units they have left to purchase since this is a limited release:

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