Indie Arcades 2018: Cosmotrons Update

arcadehero January 9, 2018 1
Indie Arcades 2018: Cosmotrons Update

Could 2018 be the year of indie ‘true arcade’ game? After yesterday’s news of Tipsy Raccoon and the upcoming releases of titles like Rashlander, Project Armor(formerly Strike Harbinger) and Kraut Buster it is starting to look that way. Today we have an update for you on another 2018 indie release, one that was covered a few times on the blog last year – Arcadeaholics’ Cosmotrons.

As you might recall, Cosmotrons had a nationwide tour this past Summer, stopping by various arcades on their way to California Extreme before stopping by more locations on their way back home. We haven’t said much about the game since but development has continued on the game and the developers are aiming for a release some time this year.

Cosmotrons devs have some funCosmotrons developers Shane Gutbrod and Dave Furrer hanging out with Cosmotrons fans

As a part of that, here’s a major update that has been added to the game since the tour edition. Watch then let’s discuss.

The first noticable difference are voice-overs. Cosmotrons stopped by my arcade as a part of the tour, where Shane and I discussed the idea of voice overs giving the game a little more ‘character’. He wanted to have a female voice with a British accent for it and as you can tell, she is there. I personally feel that such things help with a more complicated game like this when you don’t have an attendant handy to read things for/guide players. The gravity indicator is also a nice little touch, as are the new call outs for fuel. As I also understand it, the control still uses buttons but the layout has changed just slightly due to player feedback.

The big addition is that of humans falling out of destroyed ships. These can be picked up to give the player something like an additional bullet but there is more to them than that as you can see at about 1:25 in the video. The humans can also fight back, making for an interesting dynamic after you’ve used up all of your ships.

We’ll have additional updates for Cosmotrons as we get them – what do you think of the changes so far?

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  1. ArcadeaholicsLLC January 13, 2018 at 8:09 am - Reply

    Progress is being made! The addition of the humans has added even more opportunities for yelling, celebrating, and smack talking! We look forward to sharing even bigger Cosmotrons news soon!

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