House Of The Dead Scarlet Dawn Location Test Info

arcadehero January 19, 2018 3
House Of The Dead Scarlet Dawn Location Test Info

The day has arrived for Sega to begin testing the House Of The Dead Scarlet Dawn in Japan and with that, we have our first batch of info.

I recorded this “vlog” to discuss everything we know about the game so far – albeit I finished editing the thing right before I found out about the footage of the game in action that was posted to the new. Oh Well. This post is to accompany that vlog with links and the written word.

For quick bullet points in case you need them:

  • The game is a true sequel to House of the Dead 4
  • It does NOT use mounted guns but wired, free movement uzis
  • Gameplay is similar in style to HOTD4 thanks to the automatic guns
  • Story takes place 3 years after HOTD4, follows Kate Green and Ryan Taylor (brother of James Taylor)
  • Additional weapons are available (grenades, shotgun, rocket launcher)
  • Chariot returns
  • You can choose different routes like in previous HOTD games
  • Has different modes such as an “explosive sound mode” and “Master Mode”
  • Graphically it looks very sharp
  • Is online enabled via Aime and includes a nationwide leaderboard and trophies

Here is the JAEPO House Of the Dead page:

House Of The Dead Scarlet Dawn location test in Japan

SegaBits found some footage posted to the net the of the game in action, which is what everyone always prefers to see as opposed to a talking head. The dialogue in this is….cheesy, to say the least. I guess they are trying to keep it traditional. Still, does anyone use the word “gadget” anymore when talking about something like a smartphone?

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And here’s a video from ShouTime

Also from Throwback Tokyo, the gun and molding. Looks really nice :

What do you think of the game from all of the info out now?



  1. Alfred January 19, 2018 at 1:15 pm - Reply

    Woot Cheesy lines acting. Oddly enough, with all of the extra care on the faces and movements, it isn’t as bad as previous games.

    I love the Resident Evil vibe the entrance has.

  2. Jerenze January 20, 2018 at 7:04 pm - Reply

    Nice gameplays. I think it will be a hit if it arrives on our shores soon. There might be differences in the international and Japanese versions, the former might not have aime card support (since not everyone has the internet infra to run the game except Asia) and the two unknown extra modes (one with the ¥400 and ¥500 per credit) might be omitted.

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