Sega’s Daytona Championship USA SDLX Revealed

arcadehero February 18, 2019 2

(Thanks to Jdevy for the tip)

Last week, I ran a story on the pending arrival of a new “Super Deluxe (SDLX)” model for Sega Amusements’ Daytona Championship USA. Today, we have a look at it thanks to the Chicago Eater, a blog that covers restaurants in the Chicago area. This game is still a prototype, but is the star attraction of a brand new eatertainment venue that has opened their doors by the name of Lucky Strike Social. Apart from the addition of Daytona SDLX to the mix, Lucky Strike Social has an impressive modern arcade to enjoy, so I’d suggest checking out the photos at that link above.

Here’s a pic, then a little analysis (click to enlarge):

As I had guessed, the new model follows the same pattern used with Sega Showdown Special Attraction. If you are unfamiliar with that, you can find it on this video at 2:50 in. You can also see more of the motion system in action from the prototype model of Showdown that was seen at IAAPA 2014. That game is also still listed on Sega’s website.

Assuming that the specs are similar, then those monitors should be 65″ in size, and the motion uses a cool swivel seat with special force feedback added to the seat that recreates a realistic rumble from the road. You can see that it features the 4-speed shifter and the overhead marquee features two monitors; a removed tweet from a Sega producer implied that the four giant screens above the structure were added by Sega Amusements USA for this particular installation, and is not a part of the standard SDLX package. That makes sense, as the marquee already has the two monitors, just like Showdown SDLX; the location probably just wanted to add that extra “dazzle” to the setup.

Whether or not there are any other changes – 4K screens, wind effects – we’ll have to wait and see. Maybe if we’re lucky, Sega will bring this to Amusement Expo 2019 next month 😉


  1. Shane Muir February 18, 2019 at 3:39 pm - Reply

    I really hope they’re using higher quality hardware for these. The standard and street models have tons of hardware problems stemming for incredibly low quality parts.

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