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Dino Survivor by Belrare

Shaggy August 26, 2010 13

Today is the first day of the GTI Asia China Expo and that means more arcade games will be coming to light, especially as the Chinese arcade market has virtually exploded in recent memory

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Pandora's Adventure II coming to GTI Asia China Expo next week

Shaggy August 21, 2010 0

Newsfeed 906 via Gametime International (or GTI) is busy ramping up for another Expo and when the GTI Asia China Expo 2010 gets under way on the 26th, we know of at least one

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Sky Troopers: Air Strike's Chinese clone

Shaggy August 9, 2010 2

Newsfeed 898 via There was a time when clones or bootlegs in the arcade industry were very common. They still are out there to some degree and today we have a shining example of

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Weekend reads: the appeal of arcades and building your own cabinet; Dragon Punch machine breakage; China gets Audition Online; Orbatak video

Shaggy July 3, 2010 0

I’m going to take these recent Stinger feeds and combine them into one again, as a way to save a little time. Newsfeed 853: We’ll start off with a nice article about arcades found

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New tank arcade game: Total Armor

Shaggy June 19, 2010 0

Newsfeed 837 via At the moment I only have a picture to go on but what you see above is from the G2E Asia 2010 Expo which took place last week in Macau, China.

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A few more games out of China (which may or may not be at GTI Expo 2010)

Shaggy May 4, 2010 2

With the Game Time International 2010 event underway in Taiwan right now, we were hoping to have a better idea of what is at the show. But details are sketchy so I took some

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Catching up with new games from China: Dogfight Moto, tropical Ocean 3, Bloody Taierzhuang

Shaggy April 30, 2010 0

Today I decided to do a little research on some companies that generally go under our radar, not because we have no interest in covering the games they produce but because they aren’t very

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New Disney 3D Ping Pong cabinet pushes "No 3D glasses required" aspect

Shaggy April 15, 2010 3

If you have been following gaming news since last December, then you know that stereoscopic 3D gaming is starting to gain some steam. If you have been following us since February, then you also

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"3D Group" ramping up the stereoscopic 3D game scene with a flood of new titles

Shaggy February 23, 2010 0

A few days ago we talked about a new arcade title out of China that Disney was involved with called Disney 3D Ping Pong.  Since then we have heard of other games in Asia

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More shooters from China – 'Four Guns' and 'Terrorist Action'

Shaggy February 16, 2010 0

Via You have probably noticed that we are having an influx of news from Chinese, Tawainese and Korean coin-op firms lately and I am told that there is a reason behind the build-up although

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Disney Interactive releases 3D Ping Pong in China

Shaggy February 16, 2010 0

Via Now here is something a little different, especially coming from Disney called Disney 3D Ping Pong. By jumping into the 3D craze with both feet first, not only is Disney going to be

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Three new games out of Taiwan and China: Crazy Speed Arcade and Star Predator (in stereoscopic 3D) and another DJ Max clone called Finger Musicians

Shaggy February 13, 2010 5

Via Here’s some interesting news on new arcade titles to come out of China or Taiwan. First from relative newcomer UNIS aka Universal Space is a new racing title called Crazy Speed Arcade. We

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