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Twisted Supreme May 30, 2007 0

Not really in my field of expertise, not that I have much of one anyway, but I can’t help but fall in love with this game. It sounds like great fun, a game that really creates some tension and puts some real pressure on the player.

[via Coin Op Today]

Hypoluxo, FL – Benchmark Games – When you walk by a balloon, do you ever get the urge to reach out and pop the little rascal just to hear the bang. There is something very impulsive about that!

Well that is why the new Benchmark Games Pop It For Gold  earns so well! Once you start to play and the balloon starts getting bigger and bigger, you don’t want to quit! You are sure the next coin in will pop the balloon and you will win the Jackpot.  Like a coin dangling on the edge of a pusher tray!

Object of the game is to stop the spinning pointer on the “ Instant Balloon Pop”  yellow marker and win the Jackpot. If you miss the yellow target and land on either side, you will win tickets and “ADD AIR” to the balloon. Pump enough air into the balloon and it POPS and you win the jackpot. Walk away and the next player wins, maybe!

Features include L.E.D. lights (no bulb changes), Intelli-Triple ticket dispenser (holds 18,000 standard tickets),  holds 50 balloons when fully loaded to earn $600 to $700 in sales before having to re-stock ( re-stocking is quick and easy!), rewarding sound system for crowd pleasing play!  Plus, the balloon draws attention when it POPS!

Priced  very attractively and is themost affordably priced machine in the market today!

Shipping  end of  May for the busy summer season,  so get your orders in now for quicker delivery.

So contact your local Distributor and order a POP IT FOR GOLD  and be sure to ask about other Benchmark products or please call Rich Long, Sales Manager, Benchmark Games, Inc., “World’s Premiere Games”, located at 51 Hypoluxo Road, Hypoluxo, Florida 33462. 561-588-5200, Toll Free 888-538-1000 or www.benchmarkgames.com

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