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One of the overlooked reasons for the “Great Game Crash” back in 1983 or so was the fact that you didn’t have three consoles competing with each other – you had several (up to 7 at one point if I recall correctly and that’s not counting all of the different PC systems which were essentailly high-end game consoles with keyboards). One of those consoles that was part of the fray was called the Vectrex which was released in 1982. The Vectrex had a short ‘official’ life span and was overlooked by many but it’s one of the most interesting game systems of the early 80’s as it came with it’s own vector monitor, thus providing a pretty close to arcade experience at home, although the screensize was smaller than most arcade vector tubes and it was monochrome where at the time a lot of new vector titles had several colors to choose from. The Vectrex is also notable as it featured the first game to be ported over to arcades after showing up on the console first (Cosmic Chasm).

With that history out of the way, here is an cool look at a project over at where they created an arcade cabinet to house the console so it would all feel a little more like it’s an arcade machine. While the cabinet is fairly small – about half the size of a Donkey Kong cabinet – it looks pretty sleek and they are even selling four more cabinets for any Vectrex collectors out there who might want to get their hands on one without having to figure out all of the dimensions and cutting that would need to be done otherwise.

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