The Making of Retro Arcade Cabinets

arcadehero May 30, 2012 0
The Making of Retro Arcade Cabinets

Old footage of arcade machines is often an interesting subject, particularly when we have come across trade show footage of the past. Now how about some arcade factory footage from the 80s? That’s what this video, posted today to Youtube by user TheOriginalPSP shows off  as games from Midway, Atari, Taito, Nintendo (both arcade and console for them) are being assembled. It even offers a little glimpse into the coding of the games as they are being created, under the view of their pinup model posters (no, nothing bad can be seen so its SFW).

Since we’re on the subject of classics, a memo by Steve Jobs while he was at Atari in 1974 is going up for auction next month. In the memo he offered some advice on improving a soccer game they were working on called World Cup although it wouldn’t be released as far as I know. Even under a different name there are no soccer games from that time, except for Goal IV which came out in ’75.   [Story on]

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