Flashbacks: The 90s Arcade Racer; “Arcade” Movie Trailer

arcadehero January 24, 2013 1
Flashbacks: The 90s Arcade Racer; “Arcade” Movie Trailer

Newsfeed 1286 via The Stinger Report

As we wait for more news to come along from EAG 2013, we may as well cover some arcade-related things, a couple of which have been sent to us by The Stinger Report.

First off is a Kickstarter project for a home-use game called 90s Arcade Racer. Obviously influenced by popular arcade titles like Daytona USA and a few others, this game is looking to recreate the 90s arcade racer experience for PCs and possibly the Ouya console. Of course I don’t think that arcade racers on the market now have really strayed far from the formula but the experience is not as common on consoles since those have evolved to include gratuitous detail. Who knows, perhaps it will be good enough that one of the coin-op factories will pick it up and make a full arcade release out of it?

You can check out the Kickstarter page for The 90s Arcade Racer project here.



Also in case you were disappointed by the fine cinematic fare known as Joysticks then here is a trailer for some old film I hadn’t heard of until the link was sent my way called Arcade. It’s cringe-inducing and amusing, I imagine it has to be out there to watch for cheap or free judging by the um, “quality” of what is seen here.  Still , it looks like it has better special effects than Birdemic.

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  1. batbot555 January 26, 2013 at 10:25 am - Reply

    Is that game in development? is it really INDY 500 remake? Shut up and take my money!

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