Countdown to IAAPA 2014: What To Expect

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Countdown to IAAPA 2014: What To Expect

A week from today, the largest amusement related trade show in the world kicks off and with that, we will get some hands-on time with the latest and greatest developments to come to the out-of-home entertainment sector. On rare occasion something shown at a trade show will not be released but given the amount of potential buyers that will be there, generally manufacturers bring their top, most polished product to show off.

In case you missed it, here is a preview of some of the video arcade content:

If you also plan on attending IAAPA 2014, here is the present show layout.

Based on what we have seen in the past, here is what is expected from the various companies that are generally focused on the arcade venue in some form. There are a few hundred companies showing up so my apologies if I have overlooked anyone in particular. There are usually some surprises in store which we won’t know about until we show up. Otherwise for what we do know and what I can make an educated guess on:

Adrenaline Amusements: This Canadian company made a big splash as last year’s IAAPA when they launched Jetpack Joyride Arcade, Fruit Ninja 2, Skylanders Cloud Patrol and Monster Factory all at the same show. This year they have been very quiet about their plans so we can only safely assume that they will bring pre-released content, with a focus on their Flappy Bird-like game which was renamed to Flying Tickets. They did make a tweet the other day about some app called Timberman so maybe they are cooking up a mobile-to-arcade port of that game.


Aerr Technologies – To be honest, I was very surprised today to learn that this company is still around. Their Jet-Ball product was first seen back at a Vegas trade show in 2008 and I haven’t heard anything from them since. They are coming to IAAPA with a home version of the Jet-Ball game. Here is a video from way=back showing the coin-op version:

Alterface – This 5D interactive ride company will probably have some sort of display promoting the Rabbids Invasion and Justice League projects they have developed.


Andamiro – They have already announced that the next in the series for Pump It Up, Pump It Up 2015 will be launching at the trade show, so we have that. They also recently sent out a press release touting a few new ticket redemption games they will have on hand including a football themed game and a prize merchandiser that lets the operator make adjustments to the game’s settings from their mobile phone.

Bandai Namco Amusements – They plan on showcasing Star Wars Battle Pod, Lost Land Adventure and the ticket redemption piece Pac-Man Swirl will be there. We can also assume that some of their other recent releases like Mario Kart Arcade GP DX and Super Alpine Racer will be on hand. I do not believe Time Crisis 5 will be along at this time as they would be touting that if it were the case; that will likely be the big thing to see at the next Vegas show. On top of Pac-Man Swirl I am sure there will be a few other redemption products to find as well.


Barron Games International – Barron’s will have Allied Tank Attack once again, featuring the latest hardware and software upgrades, in addition to their lines of air hockey and redemption products. They are launching a new licensed video/kids game at the show in conjunction with InJoy Motion.  I’m not sure what the license is exactly, they are saving that info for the show.

BayTek Games – I have not seen any release about their IAAPA plans yet but it does look like the BattleShip videmption game we saw at Amusement Expo was quietly shelved. They will certainly be promoting games like Flappy Bird Arcade, Ticket Monster and Sink-It Shootout games.

Benchmark Games – Generally they just focus on pure mechanical redemption but last year they did show off a videmption drag racing game that they ultimately did not release. Perhaps something along those lines will make an appearance once again although the main focus will certainly be on their popular line of redemption products.

Betson/Raw Thrills/Play Mechanix – Jurassic World/Park Arcade (haven’t been able to verify which name they are going with yet) will be there. I had an operator tell me that they saw a new picture of this where the deluxe cabinet was similar to something like Deadstorm Pirates but with some sort of 3D dinosaur topper. We can also assume that Big Buck HD with the latest upgrades, Aliens Armageddon and Kung Fu Panda Dojo Mojo will be on display. For Betson’s part there might be some unique thing on hand like last year with the punching bag/boxing video game.

Coast-To-Coast Entertainment – Generally C2C has had some sort of video game to show off but in what I have read it is sounding more like their focus at IAAPA will be on their crane games. ReRave Plus is a possibility but I have not heard anything yet as to whether or not that or some other surprise in video-only, will be showing up.

Coastal Amusements – In their IAAPA release they mentioned that Subway Surfers Arcade and a new Yahtzee videmption game will be there, along with support from some of their other assorted redemption content.


Cruden – Last year this company had a demo of a new motion powerboat simulator to show and this year the full thing will be on display for attendees to check out. It will be interesting to see how much this might have changed since the mock-up below.

2013 mock-up of the Cruden powerboat platform.

2013 mock-up of the Cruden powerboat platform.

G-Look Amusements – It is always a guessing game as to what the lower profile Chinese companies will bring to a show. From what I recall, this company generally brings an odd assortment of videmption type games, maybe with a video or two.

Game Plus – in the past this company has shown off some imports from China, particularly the Mozarc rhythm game. Not a clue what they might bring to this IAAPA.

GlobalVR/Nickels & Dimes – I haven’t heard if GlobalVR plans on attending IAAPA, last year they teamed up with Nickels & Dimes/Tilt to show off The Swarm again. I imagine that their new game Redline Rampage will be there in some form.

ICE Games – Always strong on the redemption/videmption front, their primary game will be the new Kung Fu Panda Dojo Mojo which was developed in conjunction with Play Mechanix. I also believe they will have their new LED-enhanced NBA Hoops units, the popular ICE Ball FX, their crane line-up and a few more redemption pieces.


IMPLY Technology – This Brazilian manufacturer of bowling lanes is looking to establish a greater presence in the US in 2015. They have also developed a number of coin-op entertainment games that are mechanical in nature as opposed to video; they have a couple of Flintstones branded products that they are looking to promote and for their extensive “i” series of games, their brand new i-Run game that they launched this past Summer will probably be there:

Incredible Technologies – Primarily known for making the Golden Tee series, their entry on the interactive IAAPA list only mentions the LoonyTix videmption game as making an appearance. I’m not sure what on the software side will change about this as it was a very simple game when I played it six months ago and it isn’t slated for a release until next Spring.

LoonyTix as seen in early 2014

LoonyTix as seen in early 2014

Jersey Jack Pinball – We expect to see The Hobbit Pinball and perhaps one of the Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary models. Although here is hoping the focus is solely on The Hobbit. A glimpse at Pat Lawlor’s secret project would be nice but my guess is that unveiling will be saved for some pinball-specific event.


LAI Games – With a primary focus on redemption, they are heavily promoting their Color Match prize merchandiser but will once again show their popular videmption piece Pinata. They will have a few other new products including a new photo booth.

Sealy Electronics – Never to be confused with the bed mattress brand of a similar name, this Chinese company has been to a few IAAPA events and that always have something interesting to see. They have a decent sized booth once again so I’m sure we will find something unexpected. A couple of IAAPAs ago they brought their fighting game Chaos Generation which was an unusual variation on Street Fighter IV. Last year they had their unique shooter, Flashlight of the Evil, which we finally have a video of here below:

Sega Amusements – Sega’s primary showcase title will be their new racer Showdown. They also will continue to promote their titles like Transformers They have had a strong mix of video and redemption in the past so I am sure we will see various other redemption pieces. They have two large booth spaces reserved on the show floor so I am sure there might be some other surprise to catch.


Simuline/Specular Interactive – As mentioned last week, the new motion theater/interactive game known as Valkyrie and Project HADES will be on display for the first time. I may have more media about this sometime this week but that will certainly be at the show. I also believe Simuline’s other products like the Mini Rider 3D will be on hand.

NGXi AD Poster - FINAL

Stern Pinball – The main focus will be The Walking Dead pinball but seeing how they have a hand in the manufacturing of the new Medieval Madness remake, that would be a welcome sight. There is also a small chance we could see the Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons pinball machine that they announced for next Spring although that will most likely get an appearance at the Vegas show.


Team Play – As mentioned on the blog previously, Team Play has a new videmption game that earned high praise at a recent European show and it is expected to do well at IAAPA. The company will also be showing off their latest photo booths.


Trio Tech – I received an invite to a press event about Trio Tech but what exactly they are bringing to the show I do not know. My guess is some demo of their latest “dark ride” technology. Always the safe bet is their interactive XD Dark Ride Theater, the standard XD Theater and maybe a Typhoon unit or two.

Unit-e Technologies – Having launched their rhythm music game NEON FM at Amusement Expo earlier this year, I imagine the sole focus of their booth will be on promoting this game, while showing off some of the hardware upgrades that they have developed for the title.


Universal Space (UNIS) – UNIS is slated to have 10 new products on the show floor which is a big showing for them. Several are redemption pieces and their main focus will be on new videmption products like Safari Ranger and Treasure Hunter. The video-only Armed Resistance should be there as well, hopefully linked up for some multiplayer.


Visual Sports – I had seen this company at a previous trade show, where they have coin-operated sports simulators. These are large interactive setups that allow venues to participate in some virtual golf, soccer, baseball, etc. by hitting a real golf ball into their screen or kicking a soccer ball into the same. They will have a setup which offers a taste of their 13 different configurations that they are currently offering.

A Visual Sports setup seen in 2012

A Visual Sports setup seen in 2012

Wahlap Technology – This Chinese company has impressed in the past with showings like Storm Racer. My assumption is that they will have storm Racer G and IGS’ new Monster Eye 5D. Perhaps we will also get a glimpse of the new Power Truck S by IGS (they showed off the first Power Truck at IAAPA 2011). I’m not sure what else they might happen to have but their focus is on video so I will certainly be checking them out.


Xiongye (Superwing Animation) – The website for this company is just in Chinese and it looks like they focus on games for kids but they are listed among makers of video coin-op games.

Zisen Animation – Another Chinese company on the list, they have a scrolling shooter called Guard Story listed on their entry but it looks like it set up as a medal (redemption) game. I guess that is one way to try and get people to play shmups these days.


If I missed anyone, my apologies in advance. Hopefully I have enough time to not only visit each booth I need to see but also to play the games! See you in Orlando!

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