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SNK Opens a virtual NEOGEO museum

Shaggy February 27, 2010 0

Via If you were ever curious as to how the NeoGeo MVS ans AES hardware came to be and what impact they had on the video game industry, then SNK Playmore has a new

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Missing in Action: On the defense (tower defense and otherwise)

Shaggy December 17, 2009 7

It has been a while since I last wrote a “Missing In Action” article, where I cover a style of game that at one point in history was popular or common to find in

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Panel discussion with ex-Atari alumni at California Extreme 09

Shaggy December 8, 2009 1

One thing I don’t think that I will ever tire of is getting into the history of the game industry, particularly that involving the arcade side of things. On one side I think it’s

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Looking back at General Computer Corp.

Shaggy December 1, 2009 2

When you think of influential companies in the arcade industry from the 80’s, you might not have GCC come to mind right at first, unless you are a classic game buff. But whether you

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Leonardo DiCaprio as Nolan Bushnell in new movie called "Atari"

Shaggy June 8, 2008 2

I have never really liked movies based upon video games – they always seem to miss the mark by a mile and end up disappointing. But it is not often that Hollywood decides to

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Game Design Essentials: 20 Atari games

Shaggy June 1, 2008 2

I’ve never held back on the fact that I’m an Atari fan at heart and I always have been – that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate games from other companies, I just happen

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An in-progress arcade timeline

Shaggy April 29, 2008 6

Well some days there is quite a bit of news and others there is nearly none. Today is one of the latter – it’s a slow news day. But that doesn’t stop us from

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Shaggy January 15, 2008 0 is a website dedicated to nothing but Atari arcade games, from all phases of the coin-op division at Atari. The website has been updated and with some very cool information including pictures of

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