The Mood Bar by Coca-Cola

arcadehero May 24, 2011 1

Newsfeed 1044 via The Stinger Report

Once again coin-op arcade news has been terribly slow (after a nice little spurt last week) for the past few days so we have to branch out into an area that still fits into the “out-of-home entertainment” spectrum. This is an experimental idea put together by French design shop W&Cie and Coca-Cola France – a “pop-up installation employs digital & interactive technologies to imagine the way people will buy and consume beverages in the year 2020.” or the Coca-Cola Mood Bar. It’s gone into a bar & restaurant in France called “la Bulle” and will be there at least until June 26th, where they will begin to take the idea to other venues. The bar uses high resolution displays, sound, light,  and apparently breath as a way to engage consumers and figure out what they want to drink based upon their mood. It’s an interesting concept that you can read more about here.

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