Now Testing In South Korea: Beatcraft Cyclon

arcadehero June 3, 2014 1
Now Testing In South Korea: Beatcraft Cyclon

(Thanks to Phil Arrington for the links!)

A new rhythm/music game is now on test in South Korea, brought to the world by a new company called Nurijoy. Nurijoy is made up of some of the same people that worked on PentaVision’s DJMAX Technika series, before PV ended the series. Their new game, called Beatcraft Cyclon, shares some similarities with DJMAX but there are some significant changes so it is not a clone. Phil who sent the tip in, mentions that it is a blend of concepts from Sega’s MaiMai, Konami’s Sound Voltex and PentaVision’s DJMAX Technika. As you can see from the location test videos below, the cabinet is a modified DJMAX cabinet, where the software is closer to those two other games I mentioned.

Here is the teaser trailer that shows zero game, just a list of some of the songs that will join the roster:

And here is the game in action on location test, which goes until this next Sunday. It seems to be generating some hype from the arcade scene there as there are many videos popping up from the location test.

Here is the official website. Their link to the “Playcyclon” website just takes you to a black page with zero images or text so it looks like they need to fix that. We will have to wait and see if the support the game might get outside of Korea will materialize, it probably depends on how well the game does over there. DJMAX was supported here through three versions although I heard that they only managed to sell about three dozen Technikas in the West. Like it or not, that is not a smash hit by any measurement. ¬†There was a lot more hype than actual support for the game, which seems typical in this and the fighting game genre.

So what are your thoughts on this upcoming rhythm game based upon the media above?



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  1. Jordan F June 3, 2014 at 10:12 am - Reply

    Interface looks suspiciously just like ReRave Plus’…

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